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Finn Evensen, rektor Lørenskog kulturskole

«Kristine har utviklet sin egen pianometodikk som har påvirket hele regionen, og framstår som en enestående pedagog.»


Instrumental training in groups

The teaching method provides new opportunities and more efficient utilization of the teaching hours due to scarce time resources in the municipal music and culture school. The program multiplies the teaching time for the students and creates several meeting points that serve the student both environmentally and in terms of knowledge.

Many teachers have experienced both "assembly line feeling", burnout and the feeling of never having enough time for each individual student. With "Kristine's method", everyday teaching can be filled with obviousness and optimism, and not least the good feeling there is to reach over all music content. At the same time, there is time left over for interpersonal contact between student and teacher, an important basis for well-being and the joy of mastery.

The teaching model is based on my teaching experiences over 30 years. The program is developed with emphasis on piano teaching but can be adapted to all instruments!

«Kristine Bratlie's lecture on how she as a piano teacher creates inner motivation in the students, a good learning environment, community and even fulfills the ambitions from the framework plan is well worth listening to.

With examples from her own practice, she shows how to manage to solve the challenges all instrumental educators face in a busy everyday life. She even claims to be able to do it with zest for life and profits. Is not that what we all long for?

This is a lecture all employees in the country's cultural schools should hear! ”


Rune Thieme

Head of Culture

Rælingen municipality


"Bratlie is a clear and skilled communicator, and I was fascinated by her ability to communicate the method and her work on several levels - from the practical to the philosophical.

Bratlie shows with examples that she takes the students seriously, and she describes how the method helps to awaken the students' inner motivation when they gain ownership of the material, and must take responsibility for their own learning. "


Hanna Ådnøy Remmen

Music therapist and general teacher


"Kristine has developed her own piano methodology that has influenced the entire region, and stands out as a unique educator."


Find Evensen

Rector Lørenskog School of Music and Culture

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