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Passionate expression and genuine presence

"For me as a composer and pianist, music is always a means to emotional flourishing.
We all contain a sea of personal memories and dreams. My goal is for you to feel touched, and like a little more YOU after the concert is over and the music has calmed down between us. "


Colorful music for all levels

"Music is the language of our hearts.
It expresses deep, melancholy feelings.
It expresses happiness and joy.
Music unites our experiences in an invisible way,
and so together we are gently enveloped by the music.


I've made some music for you,
and I'm so glad it is now
YOU who want to bring your own experiences into this music!
From now on this music is yours!
Play your own emotions into the music,
and paint in this way a colorful picture of yourself
as a gift to you and your audience.

Feel free!
Use lots of pedals and rubato!
Choose the pace you like best!
It's YOU who plays! "

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Joy of mastery in an inspiring and inclusive environment

"There are values, skills and qualities that serve all positive development in a person, regardless of subject area.

I therefore set up the teaching so that as many of these skills as possible are stimulated, and want to contribute to that
the student builds himself from within, and that I as a teacher do not just add concise solutions from the outside.

Each student is unique and deserves to be allowed to take the time to find themselves and their own identity in and through the work of
the music.

Slowly but surely, man and musician grow hand in hand. "


"Kristine's method" - Music barrel and student awakening

"" Kristine's method "is a teaching model based on my teaching experiences over 30 years.
The method provides new opportunities and better utilization of scarce time resources in the municipal music and culture school. The program multiplies the teaching time for the students, enables greater efficiency and provides more meeting points.
The students' area of knowledge is expanded and the music subject is utilized in its full breadth.
Many teachers have experienced both "assembly line feeling", burnout and the realization of never having enough time for each individual student. With "Kristine's method", everyday teaching can be filled with obviousness and optimism, and not least the good feeling there is to reach over all music content.
In addition, there is time left over for interpersonal contact between student and teacher, an important basis for well-being and joy of mastery. The program can be adapted to all instruments!

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