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Degree: Master in Practice / Associate Professor

- Debut concert in the University's auditorium, Oslo 1992

- Instrumental and pedagogical exam NMH 1990

- Norwegian Academy of Music 1985-1989 (Liv Glaser)

- College of Music and Performing Arts,

"Mozarteum" in Salzburg, Austria 1989-1992 (Christoph Lieske)

- Barratt Due Music Institute 1977-1985 (Esther Fladmoe)


- Approval in NRK for trial play 1990

- Nordic piano competition in Nyborg 1992 (4th prize)

- Robert Riefling's Pianist Prize 1987 (2nd prize)

- Youth Piano Championship (2nd and 3rd prize)


- Skedsmo municipality's culture prize 2012



- Offices in Aneby pastorate, Jönköping county

- Piano teacher at Lørenskog Music and Culture School 2015-2018

- Founder, leader and piano teacher at own music school in Lillestrøm, Brawo private music school, 2002-2015

- Piano teacher at Skedsmo Music and Culture School 1999-2008

- Teacher in accompaniment at the Norwegian Academy of Music 1993-2006

- Teacher in accompaniment at Barratt Due's music institute 1992-1997

- Piano teacher at Robert Levin's music school 1988-1989


Tv / Radio

- P1- Brahms Fantasien opus 116 (1990)

- P1- Midt i musikken (2006) performance of «Without you» (text: Hermann Hesse) (soprano: Charlotte Wilhelmsen), own composition for song and piano

- P2- Mozart and Madonna (2009) Interview on piano lessons

Jury work

- Jury member of the Norwegian Cultural Schools Council's «Dream Scholarship» 2019/2020

- Jury member in the Youth Music Championship 2005/2017

- Jury member of Lørenskog Music Prize 2006/2007/2008/2009/2013

- Jury member in Asker kulturhus "Klaveriade 2009"



A number of concerts as soloist and chamber musician, here a selection:


"With the heart in the fingers" Eksjö church 2020

"With the heart in your fingers" (25th anniversary concert) Ibsenhuset, Skien 2019

"With the heart in the fingers" (25th anniversary concert) Lørenskog house 2019

«Around a grand piano» Lillestrøm kultursenter 2018

Arena: Classic, Oslo Ladegård 2017

Recital, Piano City Milano 2017 and Chiesa di San Maurizio

Griegrecital, Ibsenhuset, Skien 2007

Griegrecital, Skedsmo Folkeakademi 2007

Recital in the Knights' Hall at Nyborg Castle, Nyborg, Denmark 1993

Concert, and presentation of the piano at the "Children's Concert Hall Series" 2001 in Oslo Concert Hall

Chamber music:

Music in summer evening with Susanna Wolfgramm, Maria and Ulrik Lundström Askeryd's church 2020

Musician at the Christmas music in Habo church 2019

A number of tours for the National Concerts, including several hundred school concerts with a four-handed repertoire.

Concerts at the Norwegian Theater with Anne Lise Gjøstøl, Anne Stine Dahl

and Ragnar Dyresen 2005/06/07/08/09

Chamber concert with Aage Kvalbein at the Pilgrim Days at Dovrefjell 2006

Four-handed concert with sister Jorunn Marie Bratlie in Troldsalen at the Bergen Festival 1995

Soloist with orchestra:

Soloist in Saint Saen's Piano Concerto No. 2 with Romerike Symphony Orchestra 2005 (conductor Geir Tore Larsen)

Soloist in Grieg's A minor concerto in Oslo Concert Hall 17 May 1998 (conductor Jan Ola Amundsen)

Lecture / Seminar

- Lecture at the Norwegian Academy of Music: «With the right to compose - about the treasure chest of creativity» 2019

- Lecture / seminar at Lørenskog and Bø cultural schools: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2018

- Lecture / seminar at the Cultural School Days in Bodø: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2018

- Lecture / seminar at Kulturskoledagene Nord, Tromsø: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2018

- Lecture at EPTA: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2018

- Lecture at the Oslo School of Music and Culture: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2017

- Lecture at Lørenskog Music and Culture School: «Kristine's method» - music barrel and student awakening 2017

- The lecture: "How to build a music school", Norwegian Academy of Music 2013

- Masterclass at Skien Cultural School 2007/2008/2009/2015

- Lecture on music school management, Barratt Due's music institute 2007

- Lecture on teaching methods, Oslo Music Teachers' Association 2006

Note releases


- "3 Concert Etudes" (solo piano, Norsk Musikkforlag 2020)

- «4 trios that will make you feel good» (violin / flute, alto saxophone, cello, piano, Norsk Noteservice 2019)

- «Waves from a fantasy» (solopiano, Norsk Noteservice 2017)

- "Hits and lovely tunes 2" (solopiano, Norsk Noteservice 2017)

- "Hits and lovely tunes" (solopiano, Norsk Noteservice 2009)

- "Fairytale" Eurovision winner 2009 (scar for 4-handed piano, Norwegian Noteservice 2009)

- «Angel song» (choir SATB, Norwegian Notes Service)

- “Awakening” (solo piano w / cd, Norwegian Noteservice, 2007)

- "Small composers, great music" (4-hand w / CD, Norwegian Notes Service, 2005)


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