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Kristine Bratlie is an associate professor of music and has her education from the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Mozarteum in Salzburg in Austria.

She has been employed as a pianist and educator at

Norwegian Academy of Music

Barratt Due Music Institute

Skedsmo music and culture school

Lørenskog music and culture school


In 2002, she established the Brawo private music school in Lillestrøm, which with its 200 students and 16 teachers became an important music institution in Romerike.

In addition to a number of note releases, concerts and prizes in piano competitions, she has received

"Skedsmo Municipality's Culture Prize 2012"

for his efforts for cultural life in Skedsmo.

In addition to working freelance, Kristine is employed as a cantor in Aneby pastorate.

Biografi: Bio

Me playing 'All of me' by John Schmidt

Wait for it! This is the coolest piece of music ever!

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