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Level: Advanced

Physical product - the sheet music will be sent to you by post



-Behind the scenes




The three concert etudes Behind the scenes, Stagedive and Exit are musical metaphors describing the atmosphere in certain stages of life.

Behind the scenes - Our inner room, the private space where the continuous battle between genuine happiness, deep grief and true love takes place.

Stagedive - Discovering of presence and courage by choosing new paths.

Exit - The feeling of enlightenment and peace showing that the right choices were made.

The composer says:

"The concert etudes are to be played with great passion through personal expression.

I started this process by composing the music.

In your hands it will develop into a piece of art"

Would you like to have a look at the music score? 

Watch the video presentation attached 👍🎶⬆️


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3 Concert etudes - piano solo (physical product)

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